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  Family History



Origin of The Mengersen Family Coat of arms



The Origin of the Mengersen Coat of arms goes back to the 12th century where a knight named Mengersen was fighting in the third crusade.

The Legend.....

In the Year 1189 King Frederick I Barbarossa led a German army on the 3rd crusade to recapture Jeruselum. A knight with the last name Mengersen joined the crusade but before he left, he was married and his wife became pregnant. While the knight was gone, his wife gave birth to their son and unfortunately the knight died on the battlefield never knowing if his child was a boy or a girl.

Lying badly wounded on the field of battle and in his last moments of life, the knight took two of his eagle feathers from his helm, put them deep into his own wounds so that the feathers where soaked with his blood. He then instructed his brave squire to take the eagle feathers, his golden wedding ring and a message back to Germany to his beloved wife and his little child. The brave squire took the horse of his master and the items and made his long way back to his masters wife and son. The journey took the squire more than two years to complete and when he arived, he presented the feathers and the golden ring. He then told them that the knight had always loved them and that they should retain both items in memory of his great love.

.....and so they did.

Since then our "Family Coat of Arms" is looking like what it is today.
Two red eagle feathers held together by one golden ring.

From this galant tale of love, knighthood and chivaly, many lines of Mengersens have come forth with each family member having his own special story to tell.

*The story above has been handed down from generation to generation to some of the relatives,
and again told to me so I may share with everyone".


The known lines of Mengersens


Most Mengersens born in Germany seem to originate from a region called Weserbergland (Between Hannover and Kassel)


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